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Condemned Labz Confined EAA/ BCAA
Condemned Labz Confined

Condemned Labz
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Condemned Labz EAA/BCAA

Boost recovery, performance, and muscle growth with Condemned Labz Confined Essentials.

What are the benefits

Full essential amino acid profile

Stimulates muscle protein synthesis

Combats muscle protein breakdown

Supports energy production

Reduces mental fatigue

Preserves lean muscle mass

Aids hydration

Accelerates recovery

Decreases muscle soreness

CONFINED provides a full-spectrum of essential amino acids (including 5 grams of 3:1:1 BCAA) to support protein synthesis, reduce breakdown, and maintain an anabolic environment. To help facilitate nutrient absorption and replenish minerals lost during intense training.

CONFINED also delivers a diverse array of essential electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals enhance hydration and support optimal muscle function.

Suggested Use:
Take 1 scoop right before workout.