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Condemned Labz The Body Fat Igniter


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Condemned Labz The Body Fat Igniter

This Condemned Labz fat burning stack comes packed with Arsynist stimulant fat burner with DMHA and HumSlin Insulin Optimizing Glucose Support.
Condemned Labz ARSYNIST
ARSYNIST was created to be an aggressive, powerful fat melting agent. It’s designed for those dedicated individuals trying to cut weight NOW!
Increases energy and focus
Obliterates hunger
Annihilates appetite
Heightens mood
Enhances fat burning
Prevents fat storage
Revs metabolism
Increases thermogenesis
Bolsters mental acuity

Suggested Use: Take two (2) capsules upon awakening. Due to the extreme potency of ARSYN you may have to take it with food. We recommend starting off with one (1) capsule to assess tolerance.
Condemned Labz HumaSlin Insulin Optimizing Glucose Support
HumaSlin is the ultimate carb-compliment for athletes looking to maximize their anabolic window, accelerate recovery, and limit fat gain.
Supports glucose disposal and utilization
Promotes muscle fullness
Enhances glycogen replenishment
Supports healthy blood sugar levels
May help combat fat storage
Aids nutrient partitioning

Take 2 capsules before meals with at least 50 grams of carbohydrates.