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Blackstone Labs Extreme Fat Loss Stack
Blackstone Labs Arson Glycolog


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Blackstone Labs Extreme Fat Loss Stack

What’s in it?

Product (1) Blackstone Labs Arson | Extreme DMHA Fat Burner

Have you been struggling to shed your stubborn fat? Are you ready to start getting more out of your workout? If so, Blackstone Labs’ Arson Extreme DMHA Fat Burner supplement is here to help! Made with a combination of powerful stimulants and natural botanicals, Blackstone Labs’ Arson is a fat burning supplement designed to help you melt away fat through the power of the thermogenic process. This helps invigorate your brain and raise your body temperature to improve your mood, motivate you and help you really sweat during your next workout. If you're ready to look and feel your best, Blackstone Labs’ Arson is the supplement for you!

Product Ingredients

Blackstone Labs’ Arson fat burner uses natural ingredients like concentrated capsicum, green tea extract and black pepper extract that help you melt fat and quickly absorb the supplement. When you take Arson supplements to burn fat, you build lean muscle and enjoy longer workouts, which accelerates your bodybuilding routine.
Blackstone Labs’s Arson supplements also use alkaloids and stimulants extracted from plants to boost your mood, increase energy levels and provide dopamine to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. The ingredients in Arson fat burner offer tons of benefits, including the following:

Capsimax - This is the key ingredient that kicks off your weight loss! Capsimax is a super concentrated form of capsicum, the spicy component of hot chili peppers. This is what raises your body temperature to start the thermogenic fat-melting process.

Grains of Paradise - Another important ingredient, Grains of Paradise is a fat burner that boosts your metabolism to help you sweat and burn fat.

Black pepper extract - This alkaloid improves your body's bioavailability, which is your ability to absorb medicines. It helps you absorb the other ingredients in Blackstone Labs' Arson more effectively.

Green tea extract - Known for its wide variety of health benefits, green tea extract helps suppress your cravings and gives you an endurance boost.

Caffeine - You know it, you love it! In this supplement, caffeine improves your energy levels and also helps to eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods.

Theobromine Anhydrous - Extracted from the cacao bean (or chocolate plant), think of this as your back-up energy plan. When you've metabolized the caffeine in your supplement, theobromine will kick in to give you a second wind.

2-Aminoisopheptane - Sometimes known as DMHA, this helps with your brain/body connection to use your muscles and metabolize your energy more effectively. It's also a powerful motivator for your brain and helps you get in those extra reps!

Eria Jarensis Extract - This powerful stimulant and mood enhancer is extracted from the Eria Jarensis plant and gives your brain an extra shot of dopamine, which is one of the hormones responsible for happiness.

Lipolyptic Extract - A combination of alkaloids from citrus plants, the lipolytic extract is designed to help your body break down even the most stubborn fat.

Recommended Dosages

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule in the morning and one (1) capsule in the afternoon. Do not exceed two (3) capsules daily.

Product (2)
Blackstone Labs GlycoLog | The Carb Killer

Carbohydrates may not be for everyone, but they play an important role in building muscle mass. With Glycolog, you can consume the carbs you need to supercharge your energy level and muscle mass without worrying about fatty tissue. This spectacular nutrient partitioner helps your body use up carbs in muscle construction and keeps them out of your adipose tissue.

Increased muscle gains

Effective insulin management

Better glucose burning

Reduced fatty tissue growth

Improved energy storage

Glycolog works by making insulin contribute to muscle gains and fat burning instead of against them. No-carb and low-carb diets paint these foods as the enemy of fitness lovers everywhere. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Muscle builders and professional athletes need a healthy intake of carbs to sustain high-intensity workouts.

A nutrient partitioner is a brilliant solution that provides the best of both worlds: nutrients to replenish your body’s immediate energy needs and building blocks for muscle protein synthesis. The key is to improve the insulin sensitivity of your muscle tissue. This change turns carbs into usable energy packets that aid your workout.


While the science behind nutrient partitioners can get complicated, the natural ingredients that cause the process are easy to understand. Here are a few of the ingredients of this ultimate muscle-building aid:

Cinnamon bark: This insulin mimetic increases your glucose to muscle tissue conversion. It reduces body fat, cuts blood sugar and boosts lean tissue growth.

BioPerine: A special black pepper extract, BioPerine boosts nutrient absorption, and keeps Glycolog active longer.

Bitter melon: This ingredient increases the amount of glucose used by your muscles and slows down glycogen formation.

Chromium: A vital mineral, chromium is involved in regulating glucose levels and metabolizing insulin.

Gymnema sylvestre: This natural superstar helps to reduce body fat and blood sugar levels significantly.

Sodium R-Lipoate: A form of Alpha Lipoic Acid that is easier for your body to absorb, this nutrient acts as an antioxidant and carb burner, increasing your energy output exponentially.


Glycolog fuses high-performance compounds from the best sources to give you control over the carbs you consume. Put it to work for your muscle gains right away. Take three Glycolog capsules with a meal that’s high in carbohydrates twice a day. Avoid taking more than six capsules in a single day.