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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Insuload
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Insuload


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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Insuload

Insulin is a crucial component in your body when you want to gain weight and build muscle, which is why you need Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Insuload, a powerful Insulin Mimetic. When insulin is combined with carbohydrates, you can achieve amazing results in the gym.

How does it work?

This carb digestion supplement increases the ability of the body to breakdown carbs for use. Glycogen and amino acids flow better with the implementation of improved carb digestion. Your muscles benefit from this process to give you exceptional gains in the gym. The muscle cells grow and repair with more efficiency.
When you want the best carb supplement to optimize your strength, start taking this product that helps get your body into an anabolic state. Instead of the insulin in your body being used for storage, it helps grow and strengthen muscle instead of fat.

During a bulking cycle, this supplement is an excellent addition to your routine. When taken with large amounts of carbohydrates, you will see the greatest results. During a cutting cycle, this product is most efficient when eaten with your largest carbohydrate meal.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has experimented and researched Cyclosome delivery to ensure you get the best results while taking this supplement. This allows the greatest bioavailability to the body by getting the ingredients past the liver and the digestive tract and into the bloodstream. Your results are greatly improved because of this system.

Optimize your hours at the gym when you have the supplements you need to reach your goals. Instead of striving without results, you get the body you've been hoping for.

Product Highlights

  • Insulin Mimetic for Enhanced Muscle Nutrition
  • Experience Accelerated Amino and Glycogen Delivery to Muscles
  • Revolutionary Cyclosome Technology for Optimal Absorption
  • Enhance Recovery and Promote Muscle Growth with Advanced Formula


  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 75% Gymnemic Acids (166.667mg)
  • Phellodendron Amurense Extract 97% Berberine HCL (100mg)
  • R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Sodium Salt (83.333mg)
  • Bitter Melon Extract 20% Charantin (166.667mg)
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract 20:1 (83.333mg)
  • Banaba Leaf Extract 2% Corosolic Acid (83.333mg)
  • Trigonella foenum-graceum extract (containing 4-hydroxyleucine) (83.333mg)Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate) 357% RDA (120mcg)
  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 75% Gymnemic Acids: Helps reduce blood sugar levels by increasing insulin function.
  • Phellodendron Amurense Extract 97% Berberine HCL: Enhances glucose absorption in the muscle cells and helps lower blood glucose levels.
  • R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Sodium Salt: This ingredient increases energy levels and is used to break down carbohydrates in the body.
  • Bitter Melon Extract 20% Charantin: Helps with glucose uptake and use in the body.
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract 20:1: This ingredient is a useful insulin mimectic.
  • Banaba Leaf Extract 2% Corosolic Acid: The body's glucose transportation and insulin sensitivity is improved with this ingredient that has corosolic acid in it.
  • Trigonella foenum-graceum extract (containing 4-hydroxyleucine): This ingredient helps with glycemic control and has the ability to decrease insulin resistance.
  • Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate) 357% RDA: Enhanced regulation of blood glucose levels is provided by this ingredient.

Dosage Instructions

Take one tablet three times a day with a carbohydrate. Do not take more than three tablets per day.


This supplement is not for use by anyone under the age of 18 or anyone pregnant or nursing.
It needs to be taken with your largest carbohydrate meal.
Consult with your doctor if you're taking any prescription medications or have any medical conditions.