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Blackstone Labs Apex Male
Blackstone Labs Apex Male Testosterone Booster Supplement


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Blackstone Labs Apex Male Testosterone Booster

There are many reasons that men experience declining levels of testosterone, including the aging process, injury, diabetes and other health issues. The effects of having low testosterone can range from fatigue and weakness to depression and loss of interest in sex. It also makes it hard to build muscle. If you’re experiencing the frustrating effects of declining testosterone production, Blackstone Labs’ Apex Male testosterone booster can help you regain lost drive, health and strength by boosting your testosterone. With Blackstone Labs’ Apex Male supplement, you can increase the production of testosterone in the body without harmful side effects.

All-Natural Ingredients

Blackstone Labs’ Apex Male testosterone booster is a groundbreaking supplement that uses all-natural ingredients to increase testosterone production in the body. Blackstone Labs’ Apex Male supplement is jam-packed with essential vitamins, plant extracts and more, including the following:

Vitamin D3 (1250IU)
: Supports testosterone production, fertility and general health.
L-Tyrosine (125 mg): An amino acid that aids in dopamine production, enhancing mood and increasing testosterone production.
D-Aspartic Acid (1,500 mg): An amino acid that supports muscle building and increases testosterone production.
Maca Extract (125 mg): A plant derivative that enhances sex drive and fertility.
Fenugreek Extract (125 mg): Increases testosterone and reduces body fat.
Tribulus Terrestris (125 mg): An herb used to enhance virility in men, it increases testosterone and promotes lean body mass while helping to reduce fat.
Bulbine Natalensis (500 mg): Boosts serum testosterone and hormones that stimulate hair growth and increase the size of testicles. It also reduces estrogen levels.
N-methyl D-aspartate (15 mg): Supports muscle growth and testosterone production.
DIM (100 mg): A natural compound that boosts beneficial estrogens while also reducing other estrogens.
Prunella Vulgaris (75 mg): A Chinese herb that reduces estrogen levels.
Epimedium Extract (75 mg): A plant that aids blood flow to sex organs, benefiting stamina and performance.
Bioperine (5 mg): Black pepper extract that promotes the absorption of Apex Male.

How do you take Apex Male?

When you need to know how to increase testosterone production in your body, Blackstone Labs’ Apex Male provides the answer. Take four capsules twice a day with food, for a total of eight pills daily. Apex Male testosterone booster does not require cycling or PCT and should be kept in a cool, dry place.

What are the benefits?

All-natural ingredients
Boosts testosterone production
Enhances mood and body strength
Restores sex drive and stamina
Aids in building muscle while reducing fat

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