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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals The Natural Builder
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals The Natural Builder

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals The Natural Builder | Human Growth Hormone | Laxogenin Stack

What's In The Stack?
Pro IGF 1 | The Ultimate HGH Supplement
Building muscle sounds easy on principle. You eat a well-balanced diet, follow a consistent workout regimen, take rest days and stay hydrated. Right? Following a well-developed plan helps bring about results, but some of us may find it more challenging to develop lean muscle mass. Perhaps hormonal or genetic factors are at play. Fortunately, you may be able to overcome such challenges with a bit of help. Keep reading to learn how IGF-1 supplements can help improve your outcomes.

How Does the Body Develop Muscle?

Many factors influence how our bodies build muscle. That said, the basic process works the same way for most people. You eat foods containing protein, which your digestive system breaks up into peptides. Your liver directs those peptides to your muscles. The amino acids in those peptides help form critical building blocks via protein synthesis, which generates more muscle fibers each time you work out.

So, how does your body know when to incorporate new muscle fibers? When you work out, your muscles develop very small tears. Your body responds by preparing these tears with new muscle fibers. Meanwhile, the new fibers slowly integrate into existing muscles. This process increases their size and makes them stronger.

What Is IGF-1?

As you've searched for ways to improve muscle mass, you may have come across IGF-1. Also known as insulin-like growth factor 1, this hormone controls the effects of other growth hormones on the human body. This molecule encompasses 70 amino acids arranged in a single chain. This hormone is produced by the liver, while standard growth hormones are manufactured by the pituitary gland.

IGF-1's modulation process ensures the normal growth of bone and muscle tissue throughout childhood and adolescence. In adults, IGF-1 stimulates new bone and muscle production as needed. Most of the time, levels of this hormone remain relatively stable inside your body. However, its production decreases as you age.

How Can PRO IGF-1 Benefit Me?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals PRO IGF-1 contains an extract of insulin-like growth factor 1 derived from NXP-GF whey protein isolate. Since IGF-1 promotes new bone and muscle growth, it can encourage your body to build more lean muscle mass by stimulating muscle cell growth. PRO IGF-1 offers other potential benefits:

Enhanced strength and endurance

Increased fat loss

Better injury healing and recovery

Improved muscle definition

PRO IGF-1 works through hyperplasia, which increases the number of cells in your existing muscles. This process can help you attain larger and denser muscles. Meanwhile, this supplement also encourages the development of healthy bone tissue.

How Should I Take PRO IGF-1?

Each dose of PRO IGF-1 contains 20 micrograms of insulin-like growth factor 1. Simply take the recommended dose of five tablets every day. Do not exceed this amount.

Are There Any Precautions I Should Follow?

Pregnant and nursing individuals should not consume PRO IGF-1. This product is not recommended for use by those under 18 years old. IGF-1 side effects may occur in individuals with metabolic disorders such as diabetes or other chronic illnesses. Consult your doctor before taking PRO IGF-1 or similar supplements.

What is Laxogenin 100?
As a bodybuilder, you are probably already using prohormones, creatine and growth hormone releasers. Did you know you can increase the potential of these supplements by adding Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin 100? Lexogenin was developed in 1996 and refined ever since.

How Laxogenin 100 Works

5a Hydroxy Laxogenin works as a non-hormonal steroid that has an anabolic reaction inside the body. Unlike some natural anabolic supplements, it is made from plants rather than animals and does not interfere with normal sex or growth hormone levels.

Who Should Use Laxogenin 100

Anyone interested in building lean, healthy muscle should use this supplement. Unlike some supplements, it benefits both men and women. This means that no matter your gender or body-building goals, this supplement can benefit you. Since this is not an androgen, it is safe for women to take.

Simply add this to your existing supplement regiment. If you are not taking supplements and are male, you will need to take a prohormone, but if you are female, you will not, according to studies.

How To Use Laxogenin 100

Like any supplement, it is important that you use it as directed. It contains 5-Alpha-Hydroxy Laxogenin as its active ingredient. Its inactive ingredients are:

Microcrystalline cellulose


Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin


Other binding substances

To use it, all you do is take two tablets once per day along with your regular supplements. Remember, if you are male, you need to have testosterone/androgen in your system to achieve the maximum benefits.

The Benefits of Laxogenin 100

When considering the 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin benefits, it is important to remember that not all supplements have the same impact on all people. There are a few benefits that you can expect. These are:

Fast, safe and better absorption

Decreased muscle recovery time

Enhanced strength

Improved muscle growth

Improved muscle mass

Many users also report that it increases protein synthesis, helps fatigue and soreness and reduces stress hormone levels in the body. Others mention that it can support healthy joints. It is easily added to your existing supplements to improve your overall performance.