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Blackstone Labs ViperX
blackstone Labs ViperX Supplement

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Blackstone Labs Viper X

Blackstone Labs set out to outperform Paraburn, their top-notch fat loss supplement, and after countless hours of research, development, and testing, they have formulated Viper X.

What Is Viper X?

Viper X is a more intense thermogenic fat burner that will have you feeling better than ever.

What Is the Suggested Use for Viper X?

Viper X is packed with powerful ingredients that increase thermogenesis for enhanced fat burning and explosive energy. When taken as a daily fat loss supplement, Viper X can also promote laser-like focus and support a positive mood. Its proprietary formula can bring you closer to your weight loss and fitness goals.

What Is Caffeine Anhydrous?

Caffeine anhydrous has both energy-boosting and fat-burning properties. Caffeine helps catalyze fatty acids to be used for energy. With its ability to support energy and suppress appetite, caffeine helps combat the “brain fog” and unhealthy cravings that can occur when dieting. Viper X contains 250mg of this powerful ingredient.

What Are the Other Fat-Burning Ingredients?

Viper X contains a combination of potent ingredients to promote thermogenesis, including:

Achyranthes Aspera (150mg): Also known as “Devil’s horsewhip,” this strong Ayurvedic herb is known for improving thyroid function and metabolism, which can enhance daily caloric burn. This potent herb also has use in appetite suppression and blood sugar reduction.

Eria Jarensis (100mg): This plant contains palmitoylethanolamide alkaloids, which have a profound effect on mood and energy. Due to this plant’s unique structure, it can better promote increased levels of energy, enhanced focus, and improved mood than regular PEA alkaloids.

Hordenine (50mg): This alkaloid found in Citrus Aurantium functions as a beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that boosts the body’s ability to burn fat by triggering norepinephrine release. It also prolongs the effects of Eria Jarensis by inhibiting the MAO enzymes that break down Eria.

Theobromine (50mg): Found in dark chocolate, this stimulant works with caffeine as a powerful combination to sustain your energy levels all day long. It also boosts your insulin sensitivity, enhancing your body’s response to high levels of blood sugar. It also supports healthy blood flow by improving vasodilation.

TeaCrine (50mg): This xanthine-like molecule helps to increase your energy and focus without having to continually increase your dose over time. It also helps fight the mental drain that can come with dieting by boosting dopamine levels and decreasing oxidative stress.

Advantra Z (30mg): This trademarked bitter orange extract has been standardized with 30% synephrine. Numerous studies have recorded its safety and efficacy and have demonstrated its ability to increase metabolism and fat breakdown, and help suppress your hunger pangs.

N-Methyl Tyramine (30mg): This PEA derivative stimulates norepinephrine release, which supports your energy levels even when you have a very low caloric intake.

BioPerine (10mg): This patented extract of black pepper improves the effectiveness of all the other ingredients in Viper X by enhancing their absorption and bioavailability.

How Should I Take Viper X?

When you start taking Viper X, it is important to first assess your tolerance. Begin by taking one capsule daily in the morning with a full glass of water and food. Continue this once-daily dosing for three to five days. If you experience increased energy on this regimen, continue. If you need an added boost, you may consider adding one more capsule in the early afternoon. The maximum daily dose of Viper X is two capsules per day. Do not exceed this amount.