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Repp Sports Mega PCT Stack
Repp Sports Mega PCT Stack

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Repp Sports Mega PCT Stack

Stack includes Repp Sports D-Aspartic Acid and R-PCT

Repp Sports DAA+ "D-Aspartic Acid"
DAA+ D-Aspartic Acid. In Clinical Studies, D-Aspartic Acid Was Suggested To Support Increases In Testosterone Of 42% On Average In Just 12 Days. By Increasing the Amount of Testosterone in Your Body, You're Able to Build Muscle Faster and Recover More Quickly While Increasing Muscle Strength. Testosterone Support. Support Lean Muscle. Increase Sex Drive. Reduce Body Fat. Rapid Injection. High Intensity Anabolic Agent: Testosterone, Muscle Strength and Energy, Recovery Time. Peak Anabolic Performance. Backed By Clinical Research. Boost Testosterone. Enhance Performance. Increase Muscle Mass. Improve Recovery. Stimulate Growth. Boost Natural Testosterone. D-Aspartic Acid Has Been Shown To Support An Increase In Testosterone By 42% Within 12 Days.

Take 2 Capsules In The Morning And 2 Capsules In The Evening.

Repp Sports R-PCT The Ultimate Post Cycle Therapy


In every sport (basketball, baseball, golf, tennis... to name a few) how you follow-through after the point of contact or release greatly determines the outcome of your action. A weak follow through can be difference between a game winning shot and a miss. R-PCT™ is your post cycle follow through that maintains the momentum created during your cycle and allows your body to rebound naturally and safely.


✅ Promote Lean Muscle Mass

✅ Sustain Healthy Sex Drive

✅ Super Advanced Hormone Support

✅ Regenerate Liver Enzymes

Take 1 Capsules In The Morning And 1 Capsules In The Evening.