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Innovative Labs The Summer Cutting Stack
Innovative Labs The Summer Cut Stack


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Innovative Labs The Summer Cut With Monster Plexx and Hellfire

The Summer Cutting Stack by Innovative Labs is a potent combination of Monster Plexx, an anabolic powerhouse, and Hell Fire® EPH 150, a strong fat burner. The stack offers various benefits when cycling, including:

  • Substantial Increase In Lean, Dry Mass Gains
  • Extreme Fat Loss And Muscle Hardening
  • Increased Vascularity - Blood Popping Veins
  • Ideal for Endurance Athletes Aiming to Get Shredded
  • Enhanced Strength And Endurance

Innovative Labs Monster Plexx

Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs is a quintuple prohormone stack consisting of 5 different prohormone compounds. It provides substantial gains in muscle size, increased testosterone levels, improved strength, endurance, physical appearance, and sex drive. The three power-blends include Quintuple Prohormone and Anabolic Blend, with Cyclosome Delivery Technology.

Innovative Labs Hellfire

Hell Fire® EPH 150 Fat Burner Supplement by Innovative Labs is a hardcore formula loaded with powerful ingredients like Ephedra Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Senegalia Berlandieri Extract, 2-Aminoisoheptane HCL (DMHA), Black Tea Extract, and more. It accelerates weight loss, boosts energy levels, and enhances workout routines.

How do I take Monster Plexx?

Dosage for Monster Plexx: Take one tablet in the morning and one tablet 6-8 hours later. Do not exceed three tablets in a 24-hour period. Take eight to tweleve weeks with an eight-week break before starting a new hormone cycle.

How do I take Hellfire?

Dosage for Hell Fire® EPH 150: Take one capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with lunch. Do not take more than 3 capsules per day, and do not take for more than 8 weeks without a 2-week break for maximum results.
Always consult a doctor before using new products, especially if sensitive to stimulants or taking medications.