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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650


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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650

You can trust your athletic performance to the industry-tested and approved Turkesterone supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a member of the sports nutrition industry for more than two decades. You will notice the difference in results and quality when comparing the Hi-Tech brand to similar products on the market. Turkesterone can be found in many products from Chinese retailers, yet the quantity is weak and ineffective for the demands of your workout. Hi-Tech delivers on both ingredients and internal body support.

What Is Turkesterone?

This compound is an ecdysteroid found in plants. It is a hormone that has a similar effect on plants and animals as testosterone has on humans. In this form, Turkesterone enhances the mRNA translation process, giving the body more available protein through enhanced muscle protein synthesis. The body is a complex system with many processes and components interdependent on one another, and in the area of muscle health and retention, turkesterone acts like a booster.

Hi-Tech only uses exceptional raw materials from which to extract this steroid-related compound. There have been many tests done since the 1990s’, and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is producing a 10% Turkesterone and 50% Total Ecdysteroids compound. This is well above average for other manufacturers in the market.

Turkesterone Benefits

If you are a bodybuilder or serious athlete who wants peak performance and an excellent physique, Turkesterone may be the solution to your wishful thinking. When consumed regularly and according to the recommended dosage, users have experienced:

Increased endurance

Increased lean muscle mass

Increased protein synthesis

Increased muscle repair

Increased anabolic state

Increased muscle strength

With results like these, your workout and appearance will be something to take notice of. However, these are just a few of the benefits. The entire formula works to promote better muscle performance and the development of lean muscle mass. In particular, this compound creates a better anabolic state for your body. This means the muscles will be able to grow stronger more quickly than you’ve previously experienced.

Anabolic compounds are those which enhance the body's amino acid absorption in the muscle to increase protein synthesis. This is a cellular level process in the body that takes RNA, DNA and enzymes to build protein molecules. As these molecules accumulate, new muscle is formed. When synthesized through a supplement, anabolic compounds recreate the natural effects of testosterone in the body as well.

Turkesterone Side Effects

As with any supplement, there are potentially negative side effects from consuming more than the recommended dosage. Individual bodies may also react differently to the compound, creating mild and isolated side effects. The more commonly reported side effect include:

Mild headaches


Loose stool

Who Can Use Turkesterone?

This compound is intended for use by individuals over the age of 18 who are healthy. While it is safe for both males and females, it should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or nursing. Individuals with medical conditions should speak to a healthcare provider before using this supplement.

What Can Support the Effects of Turkesterone?

This is a great compound to combine with others to achieve your body’s fullest potential. Two popular companion compounds are ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali.

What Is the Proper Dosage for Hi-Tech's Turkesterone Supplement?

When used as a dietary supplement, it’s recommended to take one tablet twice a day. It should be taken with meals, and you should not take more than four tablets in one day.