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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten


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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten

Bodybuilders and athletes turn to many solutions for building lean muscle mass. One critical piece to the puzzle exists in nature itself — beta ecdysterone, a common sterol that exists in plants and insects. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' Ecdisten harnesses the protein-building power of compound to help you improve muscle mass. Keep reading to get the 411 on this breakthrough supplement: its benefits, any beta ecdysterone side effects and more.

How Does the Body Build Muscle?

To understand why Ecdisten is one of the best male hormone supplements, we should take a look at how our bodies develop muscle. As with many tissues in our bodies, muscles are primarily made of protein. When we consume foods containing protein, our digestive enzymes deconstruct the protein into peptides. The liver routes those peptides to the muscles, which use those amino acid chains to create more muscle fibers.

Your workouts contribute to this process of muscle building. Every time you workout, your muscles develop minuscule tears. When muscle fibers are created from amino acids, they're used to patch up those tears. As the new fibers fuse with existing ones, they increase muscle size and strength.

What Is Beta Ecdysterone?

Now that we've reviewed how the body creates muscule tissue, let's examine how beta ecdysterone contributes to the process. This sterol helps regulate how insect larva transform into pupae, undergo molting and complete metamorphosis. Plants with high levels of beta ecdysterone use it as a defense: Insects eating the plant's tissues molt at the wrong time and then perish.

Human bodies use beta ecdysterone in completely unique ways. This compound stimulates the PI3K pathway, an intracellular signaling system that aids in controlling how cells proliferate, grow and die off. In turn, this triggers polyribosomes to kick in and start synthesizing more protein. By ramping up protein synthesis in this fashion, our bodies can more efficiently build muscle.

How Does Ecdisten Work?

As one of the best supplements to balance male hormones, Ecdisten includes beta ecdysterone as its active ingredient. Beta ecdysterone encourages muscle growth after your workouts without relying on testosterone supplementation. It's an excellent solution for bodybuilders who want muscle gains without supplementing with androgens. Ecdisten offers several key benefits:

Increase muscle mass and strength

Maintain optimal hormone levels

Aids in muscle repair and recovery

The beta ecdysterone in Ecdisten comes from Rhaponticum carthamoides, a perennial herb native to southern Siberia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Also known as Maral root, this plant contains significant concentrations of beta ecdysterone.

Does Ecdisten Have Any Side Effects?

Current studies of beta ecdysterone reveal no known side effects in humans. Because it's an ecdysteroid hormone and not a sex hormone or anabolic steroid, it won't disrupt existing testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels in your body.

How Should I Take Ecdisten?

Ecdisten bottles contain 60 tablets of 250 milligrams of Beta Ecdysterone each. Take one to two tables daily. You can consume this supplement during your meals or take it separately. For best results, do not take more than four tablets per day. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends daily use for at least two to three months per cycle.