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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals DIANABOL
Hi-Tech Dianabol Supplement

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Dianabol

DIANABOL from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is the perfect prohormone your body needs to finally lose that fat and build more muscle. Dbol supplements are perfect for bodybuilders and athletes looking for a prohormone with anabolic compounds that help you transform your body. You'll get the greatest results when you take three tablets a day with meals for a cycle of eight to ten weeks.

In controlled studies, DIANABOL has been shown to do the following:

Preserve muscle mass

Improve anabolic properties

Increase protein synthesis

Promote faster muscle growth

Create permanent gains in muscle and strength

Boost testosterone levels

Enhance athletic performance

In bodybuilding, protein and amino acids are the name of the game. However, most bodybuilding supplements don't really do much to help you gain muscle. Few supplements truly help increase the uptake of amino acids in muscles, and other supplements might help to conserve amino acids already in muscles. This product delivers on both accounts, making dianabol supplements some of the best on the market. It also decreases muscle-wasting activities in the body itself and speeds up protein synthesis to create new muscle faster. This supplement creates an anabolic intramuscular environment, which benefits anyone who wants to bulk up. Consider it your amino acid catalytic converter.

Unlike androgens, which build smooth muscle, the ingredients in DIANABOL add bulk and definition. Thanks to the Androstadine that provides a slow and steady gain of high-quality muscle, you will gain rock-solid muscle mass. This formula reduces water retention as well, so you know that the advances you make are real and won't evaporate overnight.

If this supplement is so great, then you might be wondering what the intense side effects are? It might come as a surprise, but Dianaol from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has no reported side effects at this time.
Nausea may occur if taken on an empty stomach. It is recommended that you always take Dianaol with food.

The active ingredients are Dioscorea Makino 50-67:1 Extract (Rhizome and aerial parts) (standardized to 6-keto-diosgenin, Spirostanol saponins, Furastanoloic saponins, 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin Acetate, 5R-Spirost-4-ene-3, 6-diol), Rhaponticum Carthamoides 100:1 Extrat (Rhizomes), Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (whole plant), 5-methoxy-7-Isoflavone, 7-Isopropoyisoflavone, 3B-Hydorxy-5-androstadien-17-one Acetate, 3B-Hydrxoy-5-androstadien-17-one, Androsterone, 3B-Hydroxy-1-4-androstadien-17-one.

The inactive ingredients are Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dextrose, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Explotab, Hydroxy Propylmethylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silica, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40.

Take 3 tablets a day with a meal.

Serving per container 60 Tablets