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Blackstone Labs UspLabs Extreme Mass Stack
Blackstone Labs UspLabs Extreme Mass Stack

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USP Labs Extreme Mass Stack

USP Labs Pink Magic

It's a well-known fact that testosterone makes it easier to build lean muscle mass. Like other bodybuilders, you want effective solutions to increasing your testosterone levels. You've been searching for the best natural testosterone booster on the market, and now you've found it: USPLabs Pink Magic. So what gives Pink Magic an edge over other testosterone-enhancing products? The secret lies in its proprietary formula. With Pink Magic, you can enjoy the all-around performance you've always desired.

What Are USPLabs Pink Magic's Benefits?

USPLabs' Pink Magic is a testosterone booster, but it offers other significant benefits. It improves vasodilation, which promotes faster and more efficient blood flow. With more oxygen and nutrients going to your muscles, you can extend your workouts. Pink Magic also boosts muscle density, which in turn leads to greater strength. Other core benefits of Pink Magic include:

Increased libido

Greater vascularity

More energy

How Does USPLabs Pink Magic Work?

USPLabs' Pink Magic combines several herbal supplements chosen for their effectiveness. One prime ingredient is Massaluria Acuminata, an aqueous extract obtained from flowering plants native to West and Central Africa. Massularia Acuminata benefits include increased testosterone levels, but it also has value as a natural aphrodisiac.

USPLabs' Pink Magic incorporates extracts from the tribulus terrestris fruit plus maca, eucommia ulmoides and dioscorea makino. Together, these plant-based ingredients activate androgen receptors, increase muscle gain and boost your vitality. It also contains fenugreek, a savory herb used in cuisines throughout Asia and the Middle East. Besides livening up your favorite dishes, fenugreek offers another advantage: increasing strength and muscle mass.

Pink Magic contains a proprietary adaptogen and protein synthesis compound. This includes Epi Andro, a prohormone that your body converts into testosterone. It also incorporates maral root extract to increase muscle mass and help decrease body fat. Super Laxogenin significantly increases protein synthesis, a key process to building more muscle.

How Should I Take USPLabs Pink Magic?

The recommended maximum dosage of USPLabs Pink Magic is six tablets per day. The manufacturer recommends taking three in the morning and three either after lunch or shortly before training sessions. Do not exceed six tablets daily. Each bottle of Pink Magic contains 180 tablets.

What Other Ingredients Are in USPLabs Pink Magic?

USPLabs Pink Magic contains inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, phosphatidylcholine 75%, hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin, phytosterols, magnesium stearate, silica and FD&C Red #3. These ingredients contribute to the supplement's appearance and digestibility.

Are There Any Side Effects and Warnings?

USPLabs strongly suggests consulting a physician or licensed health care professional before taking Pink Magic in certain situations. Those with family histories or diagnoses of prostate cancer, heart disease, prostate enlargement or low HDL levels should not take Pink Magic before talking to their doctors. Also, consult with a physician if you're currently taking prescription drugs, dietary supplements or over-the-counter medications. Keep Pink Magic out of the reach of children. This product is not recommended for individuals under the age of 21.

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Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Extreme

Extreme muscle builder

Fast acting
Built in estrogen support
PCT and Gear support is recommended

Rapid increases in size. Greater strength and power output. Pumps and vascularity that would make Arnold jealous. No, this isn’t some dream you’re having…these are the real-world results attainable with the latest groundbreaking muscle-building supplement from Blackstone Labs.

Metha-Quad Extreme is the most powerful designer prohormone stack ever created. It delivers the immediate lean gains you’re looking for along with the density and muscle maturity of a seasoned. Metha-Quad Extreme contains four of the most effective muscle-building, testosterone-boosting compounds on Earth all enveloped in Cyclosome Delivery Technology to provide maximum uptake and utilization by the body. Metha-Quad Extreme puts your muscle building capabilities into overdrive, forcing your body to get bigger, stronger, and faster every day.


Androsterone (150mg) is an incredibly versatile prohormone that ultimately converts to stanolone, a.ka. dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which brings some serious muscle-building potential. On top of that, not only is androsterone NOT estrogenic, but it actually exerts some anti-estrogen effects in the body, making this the perfect prohormone to use for lean bulking / cutting cycles.

1 androstene-3b-ol,17-one (50mg) undergoes a 2-step conversion ultimately transforming into 1-testosterone, a powerful testosterone derivative. Also known as 1-Andro or 1-DHEA, this muscle-building compound does NOT aromatize to estrogen. 1-Andro boasts 1:2 anabolic:androgenic ratio, meaning leaner, drier gains, with little to no fat accumulation during bulking phases

4 androstene-3b-ol,17-one (50mg) also goes by the names 4-Andro or 4-DHEA. 4-Andro undergoes a 2-step conversion that results in testosterone — the ultimate muscle-building hormone in the body. 4-Andro is known to significantly ramp up appetite, which helps when it’s time to get all those extra muscle-growing calories in!

Arimistane (50mg) is a powerful suicidal aromatase inhibitor (AI) that reduces circulating levels of estrogen and cortisol in the body. Arimistane blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, significantly boosting natural testosterone production.


As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet within 1 hour of training. Do not exceed two (2) tablet daily