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Blackstone Labs EpiCat
Blackstone Labs EpiCat Natural Muscle Building Supplement

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Blackstone Labs EpiCat

Muscle growth is a concern for many people seeking to enhance their athletic and aerobic function. Due to genetics, for some people, building muscle can remain a struggle without the aid of a dietary supplement. EpiCat is an epicatechin supplement from the experts at Blackstone Labs. It is a non-hormonal, steroid-free, and all natural dietary supplement that boosts your ability to increase endurance and muscle gain while promoting the burning of unwanted stores of fat.

How EpiCat Works

EpiCat utilizes two main ingredients: green tea and epicatechin. The benefits of green tea are numerous and have been widely touted. Epicatechin benefits include increased energy, strength and muscle growth. On their own, both can help users achieve gains in their physical health. When put together, they create a powerful concoction of fat burning and muscle-building goodness.

About Epicatechin

Free of hormones and steroids, EpiCat is simply one of the best natural muscle building supplements on the market. The main ingredient, epicatechin, has been shown to inhibit myostatin in the body.

Myostatin is a hormone found almost exclusively in muscle groups and is produced by muscle cells. It works to inhibit muscle growth. While inhibiting muscle growth may seem counterintuitive to a healthy muscular system, it has been theorized that through evolutionary processes myostatin was produced in order to slow muscle growth since it requires additional energy and nutrients, which haven't always been plentifully available, to grow.

Today, people have an abundance of sources of energy and nutrition. Their bodies can afford the extra resources needed in order to build muscle. EpiCat assists in achieving that end by lowering the production of myostatin.

About Green Tea

There have been many proven benefits to ingesting green tea. When it comes to promoting good muscle health, here are just a few:

It helps reduce inflammation

It contains antioxidants that help prevent cell damage

May boost metabolism which helps increase fat burn

Epicatechin and Green Tea Combined

When epicatechin is combined with green tea extract it makes a fat burning and muscle building supplement that can benefit people who struggle to achieve muscle growth as well as those who desire another level of lean muscle mass.

This powerful combination should be a daily supplement for anyone needing to achieve higher endurance and athletic function. Because it is all natural, there is no risk in taking it daily and year around.

Summary of EpiCat Benefits

EpiCat from Blackstone Labs in a 60-capsule bottle will provide the following benefits:

All natural so it's safe to use daily

Promotes muscle growth

Strengthens endurance

Green tea antioxidants help burn fat

Inhibits production of myostatin

Dosing Recommendations

Blackstone Labs recommends taking EpiCat as a daily dietary supplement. One capsule should be taken with food twice daily. Users should not exceed 2 capsules per day.

EpiCat Ingredients

EpiCat contains two main ingredients:

Green Tea. Green Tea contains health-promoting antioxidants that enhance metabolic function and thermogenesis. This results in an increase of fat burned during exercise and when at rest.

Epicatechin. Epicatechin has been shown to stimulate the release of proteins that allow for better endurance and increased muscle growth.

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