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Repp Sports The Mass Gainer
Repp Sports Mass Gainer Stack

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Repp Sports The Mass Gainer

This Repp Sports Super Stack is packed with a punch! It includes DAA+, Creatine HCL and Arimivar.

Repp Sports DAA+ "D-Aspartic Acid"
DAA+ D-Aspartic Acid. In Clinical Studies, D-Aspartic Acid Was Suggested To Support Increases In Testosterone Of 42% On Average In Just 12 Days. By Increasing the Amount of Testosterone in Your Body, You're Able to Build Muscle Faster and Recover More Quickly While Increasing Muscle Strength. Testosterone Support. Support Lean Muscle. Increase Sex Drive. Reduce Body Fat. Rapid Injection. High Intensity Anabolic Agent: Testosterone, Muscle Strength and Energy, Recovery Time. Peak Anabolic Performance. Backed By Clinical Research. Boost Testosterone. Enhance Performance. Increase Muscle Mass. Improve Recovery. Stimulate Growth. Boost Natural Testosterone. D-Aspartic Acid Has Been Shown To Support An Increase In Testosterone By 42% Within 12 Days.

Take 2 Capsules In The Morning And 2 In The Evening

Repp Sports Arimivar
Repp Sports Arimivar | Anti Aromatase Estrogen Blocker
Repp Sports Arimivar is a high quality hardening agent. From mush to marble. ArimiVar™ helps build dense muscle that captures the aesthetic of Greek gods of old. Stop estrogen dead in its tracks. ArimiVar™ crushes circulating estrogen while also blocking the conversion of excess testosterone to estrogen. No bloat or 'wet gains'. ArimiVar™ chisels out defined, lean muscle while increasing strength and stamina.

Highlights of Repp Sports Repp Sports Arimivar™ Anti Aromatase:
Hormone Support
Aromatase Inhibitor
Suppress Estrogen
Lean Hard Dry Muscle

Take 2 Capsules Once Per Day.

Repp Sports Creatine HCL

Athletic Performance. Strength. Endurance. Recovery. Rapid Injection. Dietary Supplement. Lower Dosage Superior Absorption. Increase Strength & Power, Improve Sports Performance, Increase Muscle Mass, No Loading Necessary, Rapid Absorption. CAUTION: Creatine HCL supports an increase in the production and supply of ATP to working muscle cells. This promotes an increase in muscular energy, helping to avoid lactic acid build-up and allows for long and more intense training sessions. The harder you train, the more you gain.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (1 capsule) per 100 pounds of body weight 1 hour prior to training. Take with water or your favorite beverage once daily. On your off days, continuously take 1 serving in the morning on an empty stomach.